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The One Rule

Welcome to the Councilium!

We are a small group of good friends who have been adventuring together in MMO worlds for many years. In this guild we just have One Rule, but it is a rule we take very, very, seriously. Here it is:

Don't be an asshat; do be helpful, friendly, and respectful!

If you're considering joining the guild and The One Rule makes perfect sense to you, you're done reading! You can drop us an application here.

If you'd like a few more details, check out the sections below.

Just one rule, really?


Here's a little historical background to help explain. Many years ago we (the Councilors: Benydwen, Ceramyth & Sonora) were involved in running a mid-sized end-game raiding guild in that other game. We were a pretty good progression guild, so we attracted a few too many highly textured personalities. As a result, we spent a lot of time writing rules to try to keep everyone in line. We'd spend days drafting and editing loot rules, vent rules, guild chat rules, and the like. It became a huge part of our "game time." But unlike smacking Imps with lightsabres, writing rule posts wasn't really very much fun for us.

It also didn't do us much good. The non-asshats in the guild didn't really need rules to tell them how to not be asshats; they'd passed kindergarten and knew how to interact with other people in a positive way. Meanwhile, the asshats just ignored our rules or looked for loop holes in them to use against us and argue that it was really our fault that they were acting like asshats.

All-in-all we learned that big long lists of intricate rules were a lot of work to write and didn't do anything useful for us. So we're going with just The One Rule this time around.

But I was raised by a pack of ill-mannered wolves, how will I know if I'm being an asshat?

Here are a few definitions for you to work with.

Don't worry. If you make an honest mistake, like rolling need on something you should have rolled greed for, just apologize. We won't kick you from the guild for little mistakes; we'll give you a heads up if we think something you're doing is a problem. On the other hand, if you, say, follow a guildmate into a new vent channel during an argument and shout a sexist name at them (true story), then we'll kick you from the guild on the spot. We'll also post in our public forums explaining why we kicked you, so all of your guildmates know what happened and we can avoid any rumor mongering.
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