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The UI addon community is chugging along! Here are my suggestions.

How to Install Addons

Option #1: Use's addon minion. Like the Curse addon utility, but without the ads. ESOUI (a ZAM site) has been the most active of the ESO modding communities throughout the beta and early release period. Most people seem to release here first and most frequently.

Option #2: Manual install

ESO UI mods work just like WoW mods. They come as zip archives and all you have to do to install them is drag the addon folder from the archive to the addon's directoy for ESO.

By defeault it is located at (Windows 7): C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\Elder Scrolls Online\live\AddOns

(replace USERNAME with your windows user name.

Suggested UI Mods

Here's my little list of useful addons that enhance the stock interface in useful ways, roughly in order of awesomness:

Research Assistant. Exactly what I've been wanting for tracking traits! Adds an icon next to all weapons and armour: green means that you've researched the trait on the item (or it has no trait), red means you haven't researched the trait, and yellow means you haven't researched the trait, but have more than one item with that trait on it.

Research Tracker. Very simple addon that does what it sounds like: use the "/rt" chat command to bring up a window with research timers!

YssEquiptmentIndicator. Adds item quality (color) and durability/charge indicators to the icons on your equipment page. Simple, attractive, and faster than mousing over everything to find damaged/uncharged amour pieces and weapons.

LootDrop. The perfect accompaniment to Auto Loot (turn on in game from Setting -> Gameplay): shows little item icons for what you just looted in the lower right hand corner of the screen. Also shows amount of XP gain when killing stuff and turning in quests.

Bank Bag Searcher. Adds a search box to bank and inventory windows.

Mods to keep an eye on

Inventory Mod. Not perfect yet, but getting there! Adds two things:

  • Inventory search box to bag and bank windows (yay!)
  • Ability to filter items by type -- to do this Right Click on your inventory tabs and select the filter in the menu that pops up. This feature is a little buggy in this early release -- it works fine from the "Everything" (first) tab, but doesn't show all of the correct subcategories for the materials tab.

WARNING: the filter selections persist, even after inventory windows are closed! So don't forget to switch back to "All" items types when you're done filter.

(don't install if you have Bank Bag Searcher as they conflict).
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